Katrin Mayer: Temporary Scenarios - fake or feint
at Korjespoorsteeg 12, Amsterdam, 2009

In her installations Katrin Mayer reconnects found imagery in ways that make processes of the generation of meaning apparent. The artist intervenes in the local architecture of the various venues she exhibits in. She creates temporary site- and content- specific displays derived from existing structures, logics and materials of the space and it's surrounding or history, underlined by her interest in theories of difference, gender and identity. She often uses imagery patterns as an application of an additional surface in order to mark and contextualize the existing characteristics of the space.

For SCRIPTINGS#5 Katrin Mayer works with documentary material of the so-called "2. Ebene" (2nd section), that accompanied fake or feint, a collaborative exhibition project that took place from January - July 2009 in Berlin, which was curated by Joerg Franzbecker and Martin Beck.
This "2. Ebene" consisted of a process-related archive, a contextualizing paper-project by the curators, a collection of graphical patterns by Flo Gaertner and a changing spatial setting for a reading and documentation area by Katrin Mayer. In a manner of a ‘space-recording’ she used the found structures, logics and materials of the space to transform them into situation-specific environments. When embedding these materials into the showroom and the magazine SCRIPTINGS she will address different modes and layers of documentation, that are seen as a new scenario and thus relate to the artistic practice of Achim Lengerer.

Scriptings is the official showroom of Achim Lengerer’s labelfuerproduktion/labelpourproduire/labelforproduction.
The label is an art project founded in 2003 disguised in the format of a legal institution, which puts into action exhibitions and events with varying collaborators by shifting codified social roles of the “artist at work". Lengerer is the only person behind the fictitious institution. The Scriptings presentations at Korsjespoorsteeg 9/12 in Amsterdam consist of live events and transient exhibition displays as well as the instant publishing of the magazine Scriptings, which contains textual and visual materials provided by the participants.