for the show

On the Architecture of Badischer Kunstverein

Badischer Kunstverein in cooperation with Architekturschaufenster e.V.

curated by Gloria Hasnay und Moritz Nebenführ

with Ruth Buchanan / Andreas Müller, Max Eulitz, Katrin Mayer,
Michaela Melián, Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Heimo Zobernig


Excerpt press release:
On the occasion of its 200th anniversary, the Kunstverein presents the exhibition and research project ITS INTERIOR / AND A FACADE. On the Architecture of Badischer Kunstverein at Architekturschaufenster e.V. The guest-curated group exhibition addresses the Kunstverein’s building on Waldstraße, inaugurated in 1900, with its ornamental facade and varying interiors. Beyond an exercise in institutional self-reflexivity, the show uses the Kunstverein's home as a case study to think through the changing spatial parameters of art display – from its founding in 1818 as a pioneering bourgeois-aristocratic institution for the advancement of contemporary art up to the present day. Architecture is hereby explored regarding its role in formatting our aesthetic perceptions, emerging in the process as a co-producer of artistic meaning. Starting from the assumption that art and architecture are mutually intertwined, the show focuses on the reciprocal relationships between the historical development of the works exhibited at the Kunstverein, their architectural settings, and the varied publics that have been gathering there.

Excerpt exhibition brochure:
The work produced for the present exhibition refers to a work conceived in 2009 for the group show "Come in, friends, the house is yours!" at the Kunstverein, (See: whose cardboard panneled spatial insert is restaged here. The partial configuration of walls and floor is accessible, allowing the traces of users to be inscribed into the work in the course of the exhibition. The resultant space within a space refers to temporary architectural forms or occupations of places, as well as the possibilities of the provisional configuration of knowledge, which make it possible to sketch out ideas, relationships, and narratives by means of a spatialized montage in an exemplary fashion.

While in 2009, the Karlsruhe band Checkpoint Charlie, which provided the title, served as a thematic point of departure for the work, today it is the Kunstverein that is shifted into focus as the object of investigation. In the current re-scenarization, the pictorial figure DU DARFST, which initiated the materiality of the work in 2009, is written further using archival material from the building and conversion history of the Kunstverein, as well as its exhibition and institutional history. Image and textual fragments selected in collaboration with the exhibition curators narrate visits to the Kunstverein and its architectonic remodeling, which – beyond the specific context – can be read as exemplary of the evolving architectonic presuppositions and conventions of exhibition production during the 200-year history of the Kunstverein. The installation is accompanied by a displayed index of sources.

Material: Double corrugated cardboard, laser print on paper
Photos: Stephan Bauman, bild_raum and Felix Grünschloss